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Psalm 118: 1,5-6,13,24,29

Lent 4

March 22, 2020

The Psalms encourage us to communicate our honest feelings to God.  They give us language to express anger, grief and despair, as well as praise and thanksgiving.  Psalm 118 holds both the dark and the joyful in balance as one gives than...

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Pastor Rich musings



March 21, 2020

Two others also, who were criminals, were led away to be put to death with him. When they came to the place that is called The Skull, they crucified Jesus there with the criminals, one on his right and one on his left. Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they do not kn...

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Pastor Rich musings


“The Perks of Being a Sinner”

Psalm 32:1-11

March 20, 2020

The life of David is marked by two prominent episodes.  First is the Goliath episode, quite possibly the greatest victory in a life of great victories.  Second is the Bathsheba affair; quite possibly David’s greatest defeat, and most defin...

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Pastor Rich musings


“You Only Live Once”

Psalm 27:1-14

March 19, 2020


Psalm 27 is one of the most popular psalms in the Bible.  David had been running for his life from King Saul and his men who wanted to kill him, but this psalm shows that David had a calm reassurance that God was his stronghold and was his ligh...

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Pastor Rich musings


March 18, 2020

Fear.  It isn’t necessarily bad.  Sometimes being afraid is a good thing.  It keeps us from doing things which are foolish or dangerous.  It sets limits on our lives that provide safety and security.  On the other hand, fear can also disable us.  It prevents us from doing what is necessary....

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Prayer for a Pandemic


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SPC Newsletter February 2020


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Church Cancellation January 19


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Church Cancellation January 12


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A Christian Reading on Twelve Days of Christmas


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