About Us


To be a warm and welcoming haven to all who wish to follow God's calling and enter into lasting relationship with Jesus Christ,

To be a strong and supportive presence to the surrounding local community as well as the world at large, and

To grow in faith together through Bible Study and Bible based worship sermons that tie into our daily life.

Church History

Forty early Scottish settlers organized the Church as the First Associate Reformed Church of Madrid on September 17, 1819 with Richard Rutherford, Mark Douglas, John Moffatt, John Rutherford, and Robert Rider selected as trustees. A frame house of worship was erected that year, two and a half miles southwest of Waddington village. The Rev. William Taylor was the first minister, officiating from 1819 until 1837. After a vacancy of three years, Rev. John Morrison succeeded him and served for forty-three years.

By 1837, the influx of more settlers from Scotland had swelled the congregation to 370 and the Church was changed from Associate Reformed to Presbyterian, but was connected with the presbytery of Canada. A frame church was built on the present site in Chipman in 1847, and Rev. Morrison preached alternately in the two houses. In 1864, this building was replaced with a large brick structure, which served the whole congregation. Sheds for horse teams were constructed on three sides of the Church and a frame parsonage was completed nearby.

On July 11, 1888, a cyclone took the roof off the Church. From 1889 to 1890, the present church was built with beautiful stained glass windows in the sanctuary created in memory of founding families and the three former pastors. Completed in December 1890, the Church was dedicated on July 2, 1892.
Descendants of many of the early founders are still active church members and many newer families have become the foundation of the Church.

*Information from the History of St. Lawrence County, New York, 1749-1878, p. 293 and the Scotch Presbyterian Church Archives.

Church Leadership

Pastor:    Rev. Betsy Westman

Ruling Elders: Paige Billings, Cheryl Carr-Dominy, Robert Crump, Barbara Fisher, Louanne King

Clerk of Session:  Melinda Fisher

Organist:  Mary Lou McKnight and Paige Billings

Receiving Treasurer:  Lesley Thompson

Disbursing Treasurer:  William Fisher

Church Secretary:  Melinda Fisher